Monday, November 17, 2014

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

 IDEA #28: Swedish wives wear three wedding rings: for betrothal, for marriage, and for motherhood. The minister could include a scripture about fertility when a third ring is given to the bride during the ceremony.

IDEA #29: In Scandinavian customs, fiddlers and horns accompany the wedding procession to the church. Have trumpeters (or other musicians) lead the procession down the aisle.

IDEA #30: Have the flower girl go down the aisle handing out tiny rose buds or flowers to guests on at the ends of the pews. The familiar English tradition of a flower girl throwing rose petals as she passes down the aisle before the bride is a reminder of days gone by when the bride walked to the church with her maids in waiting. Leading the procession was always a young girl throwing flower petals along the lane, so the bride’s path through life would be happy and laden with flowers.  

IDEA #31: Leading the procession: a small girl strewing blossoms along the road. With a bit of a twist, decorate a Red Flyer wagon for your small attendants to ride in down the aisle if they are uncomfortable about walking down the aisle. A junior bridesmaid (about age 10) could pull the wagon down to the alter and settle the children.